Top 6 Basic Wardrobe Pieces

BasicsTo begin to consider what a good fashion base will be you have to think of a few things first. If you are starting from scratch keep these things in mind.

  • Budget
  • Body type
  • Colors
  • Your regular activities
    Even if you are cleaning out a cluttered closet thinking these topics over will help.

    A celeb in a gold mini dress and lace shawl might have looked amazing but its not the most practical thing to spend your money on when building your basics. Not to say those aren’t nice things to have but for the moment we are thinking about building a good solid fashion base for everyday running around. These pieces may even seem like the most boring things in your closet but think of being versatile. A wonderful pair of jeans can be mixed and matched with many kinds of tops and jackets. That’s where we’ll start then, get a great pair of jeans.

    Basic Wardrobe

  • Pants/jeans
    If you don’t wear jeans a comfortable pair of pants in cotton, wool or corduroy will do too. Best colors to get are neutrals like khaki or black if thats your style. Find something that will go with almost everything you have in your closet. That’s where you need to take a look at what you like and don’t like, and don’t buy a color you don’t like just because its the “in” thing. You might have a few of those around, but this is specifically building a solid base so save the trendy purchases for later.

  • Skirts
    Length will be up to you. This is where you need to realistically consider your body type. A mini might be a fun thing sometimes but not as a base if everytime you look in the mirror you keep tossing it aside because you are not fond of the shape of your thigts or calves that day. This is a solid base choice but length is up to you.

  • Jackets/Coats (Where you live determines the weight)
    A versatile shape is a belted or zipper closure 3/4 length (mid-thigh length) jacket in a solid color because you can use that with almost any length fashion. Too short and you may feel uncomfortable with a longer shirt hanging past the waistline, and long floor length coats, although beautiful and dramatic, will be too much sometimes.

  • Shoes
    I know someone who has just one pair of black shoes and he is fine with that! But here is a list that is a suggestion of a good base to have in the footwear department of your closet.

    1 pair of tennis shoes (sneakers)
    2 pairs of black, brown or navy (depending on your base color) casual or walking shoes.
    1 pair of stylish boots for winter or sandals for summer.

  • Tops

    One week’s worth of tops/blouses. Solids are best when building a base but a fun print isn’t bad to throw in. Keep the majority of them machine washable, any finer pieces make sure they can be handwashed. For base pieces keep laundering as simple as possible.
    1 evening top. Something with a slight sheen, some embelishment for that last minute party invite.

  • Dresses
    Not all body types look good in dresses. However, if you love them, you should have:

    One for school, something comfortable and able to be layered under a jacket or sweater.
    Another for weekends and evening if you have a lot of social stuff going on.

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