Top 5 Fun (and funny) Accessories

teddyOne of the many great things about teen fashion is having fun and putting some humor in your wardrobe. You may be stylish and sophisticated but you can still get away with having some fun with fashion (so can all ages really, nothing wrong with fun!)
(Photo credit, Bright Hope International)

  • Earpops. Don’t like messing your hair up in the winter with a hat? Like to keep your ears warm but also hate ear muff plastic headbands? Check these out. They just pop onto your ears without a strap and keep you warm with cool colors to choose from.

  • Nobo Long Scalloped Scarf An alternative to the regular straight knit scarf. The scalloped shape and long length automatically makes this fun!

  • Wristies. Invented by a girl when she was 10 years old! These are fingerless gloves that keep your hands warm and your fingers free to hold cups of hot chocolate or use the cell. They can be worn under gloves too for extra comfort. You can also take some colorful knit gloves you love that have worn out at the fingertips and snip those tips off for a creative boho look.

  • Teddy Bear Backpacks. I admit I have a couple of Teddy Bear backpacks, one is brown plush and really looks like a teddy and a black velvet one too! I think I need this one from Mayan Traditions. Another cuddly colorful teddy from Bright Hope International will put a smile on your face. These cozy and functional backpacks are for the most whimsical people!

  • Candy Jewelry. That iconic cat, Hello Kitty, gets creative with sweets! Kandy Kastle makes a bracelet you can nibble. TJ King has a whole candy jewelry set.
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