Top 5 T-Shirts for $20 and Under

Fetch T-shirtCelebs make a fashion statement by wearing words and logos on their tees, and other stars are making their statements differently. Lindsey Lohan, Hillary Duff, and other teen idols have been creating custom-cut tees like cutting the collar off the shirt or shortening the bottom. Then they are pairing these tees with anything from diamonds to skinny jeans.

It’s up to you what you want to do to your t-shirts when you get them. Leave them as is or get creative. Check out these links for some great tees and then leave them as you get them or do some crafty embellishments.
(photo credit, “Fetch” Threadless T-shirts)

  • Threadless T-shirts A very cool site where people design their own tees and upload the designs to be voted on! Winning designs can be bought on the site for $10. Upload your design then let us know if it gets picked to be sold on the site!
  • RockRags Vintage and Modern Rock tees, under $20.
  • Fun art and logos tees for $20.
  • Vintage Edge t-shirts under $19. Pick any of their designs and they will print them on their girly style-tees for you.
  • Those Things Spooky cool gothic tees for $20.

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