Top Totes and Bags

totesFace it, we have a lot of stuff to carry everyday! Laptop, books, cellphone, newspaper, bag of nuts.. well maybe we don’t all carry the same things, but you know most people have more than just a few bits and pieces. I prefer totes or larger bags over small purses so no matter what I am always ready with everything I need. I also love backpacks when I am running around because I love having my hands free for hopping in and out of cabs or the subway or grabbing a quick bite and a couple of fashion magazines!
(photo credit, Moonsus and Marsus)

  • Here is a great article I found on Business Week with a photo gallery of great tote options.

  • Can’t afford the designer prices? Check out Bag Junkie Online for bags roomy and as pretty as high end designer pieces.

  • Moonsus and Marsus have gorgeous backpacks and roomy fashion totes for great affordable prices.

  • You can also just go lo-fi and punk all the way with inexpensive but sturdy canvas with band logos and urban art. Interpunk’s bag and backpack section.

  • Just want fun and function for school? JC Penney has a huge selection of great backpacks and slings.
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