Flat and Low Heeled Shoes, pretty with less pain

trippenNot everybody can wear heels. Even when you love them they can make your feet hurt and cause some other troubles. Teetering along icy sidewalks isn’t exactly safe either. Flat or low heeled shoes do not have to be plain and ugly and many shoemakers are realizing that flat and low heeled shoes can be created in styles way beyond girl’s flats or sneakers. (photo credit, Trippen)

Writing from the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Department at the Mayo Clinic, Jeffrey Brault, D.O., P.T., said shoes with stiletto heels aren’t designed with walking in mind. With heels 2 inches or taller, the foot slides forward, cramming the toes into the front of the shoe. That can cause hammer toes, a deformity in which the toes curl at the middle joint. If they are worn frequently, stilettos can contribute to bunions, corns, calluses and toenail problems. He noted that stiletto heels also change the mechanics of the gait. Tiny heels hit the ground with a force several times the body weight, causing knee pain. They also change the center of gravity, meaning the wearer has to arch the back to stay balanced. That arching can cause lower back pain, he said.

You shouldn’t wear high heels for more than a few hours so wearing them all day at work can cause problems. Check out these links to see the styles you can find and give your poor aching feet a break once and a while!

  • Naot Shoes Flat and low-heeled shoes with comfortable soles.
  • Trippen Shoes Unique stylish flat and low-heeled shoes.
  • Birkenstocks Iconic flat comfortable shoes including the Heidi Klum collection
  • Top 7 Evening Shoes with Low Heels
  • Top 7 Ballet Flats – Top Picks in Women’s Ballet Flats
  • Read more helpful foot health information here at Woman’s Health.
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