Top Ten Trends For Fall 2006

Trendy GirlDoes something seem familiar about these trends? Sometimes its worth keeping classic fashions for awhile because they may come back in style. Of course if you have already cleaned out your closet you’ll know who is bringing these stylish and easy to wear pieces back.

Fall Trends 2006 Collage
Collaged photo by GirlaWhirl

  • Skinny Jeans. A classic silouette finds its way back to the runway. These are a great foundation to build on with the layered longer look thats popular this season.

  • Leggings These are a softer alternative to skinny jeans. Perfect for layering and easy to find in many colors and price ranges these are trend that technically never went away but are now in the fashion spotlight.
  • Sweaters. Again something many people never stopped wearing but when the major designers start to reinterpret this style the world takes notice. Fun sweater dresses and jackets have joined the big comfy shapes that will keep you warm.
  • Bubble Skirts. Not for every body-type but whimsical and playful and might remind you of the shape of tulips in Spring when the cold winds blow.
  • Plaid, Houndstooth and Pinstripe is not just for school uniforms and men’s suits anymore. It can be elegant and playful too. Mixing and matching can create a vibrant look that will definitely not fade into the background.
  • Dresses. Not just a one-piece, button-up, pull-over or zipper back, dresses are now wrap-around and kimono inspired too in a variety of textiles and prints.
  • Boots great and small. Ankle boots just so happen to go well with leggings and skinny jeans so this is no surprise. These boots can also be comfortable and fun. Since there is a variety of heel heights its up to you to decide whether these boots will get you through puddles and leaves or drifts of snow.
  • Vests. A way to inject some brighter color into your wardrobe and streamline a layered look.
  • Dark Colors. Dark dramatic colors expressed romance and mystery.
  • AccessoriesSlimmer sunglasses take the place of bigger chunkier shapes, long scarves, belts over shirts and knits, and funky hats.

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