Top Five Ankle Boots

Boots aren’t just for winter anymore. People have been spotted in Uggs on the beach so now boots are for every season and landscape. One of the reasons for their popularity is the fact they look good with so many fashions. Celebrities help too by appearing on the red carpet and at popular events pairing them with styles such as dresses, tucked into jeans and even miniskirts.

Heels are wooden, flat and even rubber, the tips rounded, square or pointed so there will be a style you’ll love somewhere if you just look. Even with ankle boots their heights and tightness vary so its up to you to try them on and see what feels best. They don’t just come in leather either, velvet or vinyl or rubber are out there to crave. A good suggestion is to buy a pair in black or brown to have a basic color that works with everything and then splurge on something a lot more colorful or even embellished with fringe, embroidery or buckles for example. Some feature cut-outs that reveal whatever stylish or colorful socks or stockings you have on giving you even more options for personal expression.

According to these are the top selling ankle boots (in order):

Naturalizer Women’s Garth Bootie

LifeStride Women’s Stockton Boot

Kenneth Cole Reaction Women’s Cool Nip

Nine West Women’s Atilla Bootie

Aerosoles Women’s Nice Less Ankle Boot

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