Re-make a T-shirt

T-Shirt craftA solid color t-shirt can be a canvas for creativity. Express your own style by adding personal touches. Embellishments, trims, notions and appliques are a fun way to create something new from a plain t-shirt. Don’t have a plain t-shirt? Add to, or decorate and enhance the existing art or logo of a printed t-shirt.

Do you have some pretty patterned old fashions you are going to throw out? Cut shapes from them, remove patches or embroidered pieces and stitch those onto your shirt. Take an old necklace of beads that has broken and stitch those to the collar, sleeves or hem- or all three. This way you preserve the memory of an old favorite garment or piece of jewelry and make something brand new.

These ideas just take some time and basic sewing skills. You can also use a glue gun. It could be a perfect way to spend a rainy afternoon or call some friends and family over and have a t-shirt crafting party. The ideas mentioned here can be a starting point. Like an idea but have a way to change it around or alter it? Go for it! Comment here with your ideas and inspire others to get creative.

More ways to get crafty with t-shirts:

  • Stencil your t-shirt
  • Footprint t-shirt
  • Fun t-shirt topped dress

    Other things you can make out of t-shirts

  • Lap-top case
  • Casual pants made from a t-shirt
  • T-shirt quilt
  • Undies out of t-shirts
  • They’ll make a t-shirt quilt for you!

    T-shirt themed fun

  • T-shirt cake and party ideas
  • “T-shirt Surgery” a t-shirt crafts Live Journal Community
  • Preserve an old t-shirt you love
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