How to wear Skinny Jeans

How toSkinny jeans are also called Cigarette-leg jeans, Stovepipes and Drainpipes. Their slim shape makes them a great foundation for layering long fashions on top. Skinny jeans keep all that layering from looking too bulky.

If you have larger hips do not use a belt in the middle, wraps or tie closures are more flattering. Larger flowing tops over skinny jeans is a flattering sillouette for any shape. Consider buying one size up from your normal size to prevent them from being super skin tight.

Skinny jeans are easy to tuck into ankle boots and calf boots and they can be worn with heels and flats too. You can also roll the ends up to create a whimsical look. Try wearing colorful anklettes with high heeled sandals, and some styles come with stirrups to slip over your feet to keep them tucked into your boots. There are many brands to choose from so try them on and do some leg movements to decide if you like the fit.

The stiffer and more “raw” the demin the warmer you will stay, so consider this in trying them on. They will stretch where they need to with wear. Darker colors are the most flattering. Not everyone will feel comfortable in tight demin so consider darker colored leggings to get a similar fashionable sillouette.

Celebs in Skinny Jeans

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